Founded in 1999, Leeno has achieved a fine reputation as a developer and manufacturer of notebook and mini PC. Due to our product positioning in the high-tech and niche market, we have won many tenders in computer market throughout the world. The acclamation we have received from the professional press and overseas consumers have given our sales a rapid boost. It also explains why we have been ranked as fourth among outstanding exporters.

Demands for faster time-to-market and product quality have increased in recent years, and LEENO has managed to successfully keep up with these demands by adhering to the LEENO core philosophy of QualiquiC (Quality, Quick). This philosophy allows us to strive to meet our delivery schedule in order to serve the market. Therefore, due to our flexibility and efficiency, we can always provide our customers with their needs. Leeno maintains its stronghold with an experienced Sales, Marketing and Support Team to serve its customers with the best selection of IT solutions combined with an unrivalled value and service available in the market. Headquartered in Toronto Canada, Leeno has operation and sales office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Also, has many distributers and reseller around the world.


Our Clients :


Saudi Arabia


Royal Diwan STC - ALJAWAL King Faisal Hospital
Al-Hasa College of Technology NCB Bank University Of Tabuk
King Abdul Aziz University Najran University Wall Street Institute
Emart Asir TOYOTA - Showrooms  
  International Medical Center