Why mini PC and Small Form Factor (SFF)

Traditional Desktop PC is evolving, no longer do we need large beige boxes to house the components that make up the computer.
The footprint of the computer is shrinking but not at the expense of performance and capabilities. Today you can get either a state of the art computer or one for everyday use in a smaller chassis. Unique and distinctive industrial designs allow you to take advantage of the newest technologies with a sense of style.

Small Form Factor is a computer designed to support the same features as modern desktop computers but in a smaller space.
For comparison purposes, the size of computer chassis (case) is measured in liters, where one liter is the volume of a cube with 10 cm sides. A traditional desktop PC size is usually 25-35 liters while SFF size does not exceed 15 liters only.

Chassis size is expected to play a significant role in the evolution of PC usage. International Data Corporation (IDC) - a market research and analysis firm - predicts that more than 40 percent of all desktop sales will be in PC cases with a volume of less than 19 liters by 2012.

Advantages of SFF PCs
  • So why should one look into getting a small form factor PC over a full sized desktop?
    The primary advantage of course is size. These systems take up relatively small amount of space on one's desk. Because of their reduced size and components, they tend to use less power than a normal desktop.

      Small System Dimensions.
      Lower Power Consumption.
      Portability When Required.

Company Profile :

Founded in 1999, Leeno has achieved a fine reputation as a developer and manufacturer of notebook and mini PC.
Due to our product positioning in the high-tech and niche market, we have won many tenders in computer market throughout the world.
The acclamation we have received from the professional press and overseas consumers have given our sales a rapid boost.
It also explains why we have been ranked as outstanding exporters.

Demands for faster time-to-market and product quality have increased in recent years, and LEENO has managed to successfully keep up with these demands by adhering to the LEENO core philosophy of QualiquiC (Quality, Quick). This philosophy allows us to strive to meet our delivery schedule in order to serve the market. Therefore, due to our flexibility and efficiency, we can always provide our customers with their needs.

Leeno maintains its stronghold with an experienced Sales, Marketing and Support Team to serve its customers with the best selection of IT solutions combined with an unrivalled value and service available in the market.

Headquartered in Toronto-Canada, Leeno has operation and sales office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Also, has many distributers and reseller around the world.

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